The entire road system in Sunrise Ridge is privately owned by all of the Property owners. Maintenance is therefore our
responsibility and this is carried out on the behalf of all property owners by  the Sunrise Ridge Property Owners
Association (SRPOA), an organization of dedicated volunteers. To effectively carry out this service there are two sets of
dues that are payable for the services that are provided by  SRPOA. They are Winter dues and Summer dues. The Winter
dues pay for snow removal and sanding on all of our road system, garbage area and mailbox. The Summer dues provide
maintenance to our road infrastructure such as gravel, culverts, signs, brush clearing, bridge upkeep, etc

Summer dues are assessed at: 150 dollars per developed lot. ( residence, cottage or trailer)
                          50 dollars per undeveloped lot. ( Arrears on these lots are a continuing problem)

Summer dues should be paid by August 31 of each year. ( These dues are used for the next years project planning

Winter dues are assessed at :  200 dollars per full time resident.
                        100 dollars per part time winter user.

Winter dues should be paid by November 1 of each year.

Please send your cheque made payable to SRPOA to:  

Mike White, Treasurer SRPOA
9 Spruce Dr.
RR# 1 Aylesford
Nova Scotia
B0P 1C0

Note: Please note on the memo line; Winter or Summer Dues.

There are a total of 64 lots in Sunrise Ridge. At present there are 50 developed lots, 22 full time residences and three
common areas that are co-owned by all property owners.

Spruce Drive comprises 34 lots, of which 28 are developed and 12 are year round residences.

Birch Lane comprises 30 lots, of which 22 are developed and 10 are year round residences.

A reminder to all, please drive slowly and watch for the unexpected, especially when work is being conducted on the road
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